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Useful Links

»  Australia's Ramsar sites: A list of Australia's 65 Ramsar sites covering more than 8.3 million hectares.

»  Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management(UWA): CENRM's vision is to be a leading force in the provision of knowledge necessary to better manage natural resources in Australia.

»  Declared weeds of Western Australia: Western Australia regulates harmful plants under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007.

»  Department of Agriculture and Food: Supports Western Australia's agrifood businesses through services and partnerships that help increase industry profitability and sustainability, while safeguarding the state’s natural resources.

»  Department of the Environment: Designs and implements the Australian Government’s policies and programmes to protect and conserve the environment, water and heritage and promote climate action.

»  Department of Parks and Wildlife: Protects and conserves the state's natural environment on behalf of the people of Western Australia.

»  Department of Water: Supports Western Australia's growth and development by managing the availability and quality of water sustainability.

»  EnviroNorth: Provides resources and curriculum support material for learning about, and how to sustainably manage Australia's tropical savannas.

»  Florabase: Delivers the latest authoritative information about the West Australian flora in accessible and interactive manner.

»  Frog Watch NT: Set up in 1991 to try to gather better information about the frogs of North Australia and their distribution. Also includes ToadWatch, ReptileWatch and MammalWatch.

»  IBRA in Western Australia: A framework designed to assist with decision making about public investment in the environment and natural resources.

»  Landcare Australia: A national network of thousands of locally-based community groups who care for the natural resources of our country.

»  Tropical Savannas CRC: The website of the former Tropical Savannas CRC (1995 - 2009), covering the research, information and tools produced by the Tropical Savannas CRC.

»  North Australian Land Manager: Provides information on the soils, pasture and plants and animals that need to be looked after, and on the problems land manager face such as wildfire, weeds and pests.

»  NAILSMA (Northern Australia Indigenous Land & Sea Management Alliance): Supports Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander land and sea management using strategic approaches to care for country with an emphasis on practical management by Traditional Owners.

»  Ord Irrigation Cooperative: Operates and manages the business of providing water and drainage services to the farms within Stage I of the Ord River Irrigation Area (ORIA)

»  Rangelands NRM Western Australia: Is a non-government organisation which supports and encourages the sustainable use of natural resources. Covering most of Western Australia, it is the largest NRM group in Australia

»  Roebuck Bay Working Group: Has the objective of developing a community driven planning to protect, restore and maintain the catchment of Roebuck Bay into the future.

»  State NRM Office: A portal for all major NRM groups (Government, Regions, Communities and Business) and activities and to keep people informed about Natural Resource Management.

»  Threatened species under the EPBC Act: Contains categories of threatened species of fauna and flora listed in Section 179 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999»  (EPBC Act)

»  Victoria River District Conservation Association: Is a pastoral based land management group located in the Victoria River District (VRD) of the Northern Territory,

»  Western Australian river monitoring stations: Department of Water river monitoring data.

»  Western Australia Weather and Warnings: Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology is Australia's national weather, climate and water agency.


Latest News

25th Anniversary Landcare grants 2014-15

Ord Land and Water has been successful in gaining a $20,000 grant to map and control the weed lantana on properties just to the north of Kununurra. Lantana is a highly invasive weed and has infested many areas in Queensland and NSW.» More